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Seller Order Handling Process

Congratulations, you got your first Order through InStock! In order to ensure the best experience for your customers please ensure to adhere to the below process.

Order Handling Steps:

1) Once an order is placed from a Seller, the seller will receive a notification on email. The Seller can access the order details through the store Dashboard.

2) The seller will be required to prepare the order within 2 to 3 hours of receiving the order.

3) The seller should notify InStock that the product is “ready for collection” by either of the following:

   a. Email to [email protected]

   b. Message Admin through the Store Dashboard

4) Should the seller face delays in getting the order ready, they should notify InStock immediately by email and phone (if email receipt is not acknowledged).

5) The seller needs to print the waybill of the order and attach it to the order. If several orders are being prepared. Each waybill needs to be attached with the relevant order.

6) InStock will collect the order from the seller within 2 to 3 hours.

7) InStock will package the order and dispatch to the customer within 24 Hours.

8) Once the product is shipped to the customer, the order status will change automatically on the Seller Dashboard to "Complete".

9) If the seller fails to deliver on time or to make the product available, a cancellation and delay fee will apply. Please review InStock Schedule Fees.

10) The Seller can choose to keep some products with InStock in consignment to reduce the risk of delay.

11) Refunds & Returns: Our customer promise is a 7 days no questions asked return policy given that the returned product is in its original packaging and resalable condition. For any product return request, we will handle the pick up from the customer and delivery to the Seller for a return fee to cover our shipping and handling expenses (please check the fee schedule). Should InStock would like to keep the product in consignment for further resale, the Seller has the choice to approve or disapprove. If the Seller approves, the return fee will be reduced by 50%.

Please refer the Seller Store Dashboard Manual for more information on handling the orders through the Dashboard. Please request the manual from us by emailing us on [email protected]

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